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What You Need to Know About Local Finishing Work for Your Modular Home

Wednesday March 20, 2013
Modular homes, or prefabricated homes, have risen in popularity in recent time ...

Pre-Excavation Checklist

Tuesday June 26, 2012
Excavations are large, challenging projects in construction, which is why prep ...

Excavation - Safety First

Wednesday February 15, 2012
An excavation site is an inherently hazardous work environment that contains f ...

House Demolition

Wednesday February 15, 2012
House demolition involves the complete destruction of a house and its foundat ...

Why you should leave Asbestos Removal to the Professionals

Wednesday February 15, 2012
The growing rate of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases is astounding. ...

Commercial Demolition

Wednesday February 15, 2012
As opposed to house demolition, commercial demolition refers to the deconstru ...

Benefits of Hiring an Excavation Contractor

Wednesday February 15, 2012
Excavation is a massive industry that plays a critical role in the constructio ...


Saturday March 26, 2011
$329,000 to $660,000 MELBOURNE 33 Mackenzie Street Private sale Agent Colliers, 1300 075 113 Melway 2B F12

Survivors on long, slow road

Monday March 14, 2011
AS THE highway descends from the pine and snow-clad mountains above Sendai, the signs of catastrophe grow clearer.

Judge lashes Kelly over Barangaroo law

Friday March 11, 2011
THE Land and Environment Court has delivered a highly critical assessment of the decision by the Planning Minister to approve the car park excavation at Barangaroo and said that he had failed to comply with the planning laws on remediation.

Minister ran down clock for approvals

Thursday March 10, 2011
JUST hours before the NSW government moved into caretaker mode last week, the Planning Minister, Tony Kelly, approved four separate developments at Barangaroo, dealing another blow to critics attempting to stall the project.

Into oblivion with pens raised

Friday March 4, 2011
YOU'RE a minister in a government facing annihilation at the coming election. As things look now, your party may be out of power for two, three - even four terms. On your desk a pile of directives awaits your signature, some of them months old. Some are embarrassing but necessary, awaiting a politically convenient time. Others are glad-handing gestures of the kind all governments make to shore up support. Still others are genuine achievements to which your party will be able to point in opposition, but which cost too much when budgets are tight. The election writs are about to be issued, ending your time in office. What do you do?

Kelly defied advice on Barangaroo exemption

Friday March 4, 2011
THE Planning Minister, Tony Kelly, overturned specific instructions from the head of his department this week when he ordered the development at Barangaroo be exempt from planning laws on contamination.

Critics fear poisons leaking to harbour

Friday March 4, 2011
SECTIONS of the Barangaroo site are heavily contaminated but the area approved for a massive underground car park contained lower-grade contaminants similar to those previously found at King Street Wharf, Lend Lease says.

Go-ahead for Barangaroo

Thursday March 3, 2011
EXCAVATION for a massive underground car park on polluted land at Barangaroo could begin next week after the government made it the only project in NSW exempt from planning laws on contamination.

Twisted Tiffany appeals

Wednesday March 2, 2011
Many collectors are now interested in art glass, especially from the postwar period.

Love of pot lands grower in jail

Tuesday March 1, 2011
A LOVE affair between a computer scientist and marijuana to enhance his performance as a male escort has ended in heartbreak and a six-year prison term for drug offences.

Missed steps on painful and tormented path

Saturday February 19, 2011

Hotel moved from habour in new Barangaroo vision

Saturday February 19, 2011
ALMOST 60 independent architects and planners have united to back an alternative scheme for Barangaroo, which would have smaller towers, remove the hotel from the harbour and jettison the "naturalistic" headland championed by Paul Keating.


Thursday February 17, 2011
With China's terracotta warriors still in residence at the Art Gallery of NSW, another warrior site is being unearthed in Martin Place. Well, not quite. The Australian chalk artist Jenny McCracken is creating a 3D artwork of the unearthing in 1974

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