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Aquarius Transport Group formerly known as Aquarius Water Cart Hire specialises in Tipper Truck Hire in Sydney Metro and Western Sydney areas, Water Cart Hire & Delivery and Tilt Tray Truck Hire.
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Crane Hire Services

Cranes of any scale are designed to lift and transport material from one area to another of a higher area. There are countless uses for a crane in various projects from the transport industry when unloading freight or the manufacturing industry in the assembling of equipment too heavy for people or other machines to lift or construction when lifting materials.

There are essentially two types of cranes used: mobile cranes and fixed cranes. Within these two types there are many different types of cranes that can be used depending on the situation and project such as a truck loading crane for the repair of phone lines or tower cranes generally give the best of both height and lifting capacity for the construction of tall buildings.

Mobile cranes are the more popular when it comes to cranes hire for projects due to their versatility and transportation options. The most basic type of a mobile crane consists uses a telescopic boom or truss which is mounted on a platform the can be moved on roads, water or the railway.

Across Australia, there are many options when selecting a crane hires company with some specializing in one specific type of cranes, whether it is mobile, fixed, small cranes or large industrial cranes.