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CMD conduct structural and subsurface investigations utilizing Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems
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GT Excavations and Landscaping is based in Lilydale, VIC and specialises in Digger Hire, Excavating Contractors, and Land Clearing Contractors.
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We specialising in all forms of Excavation and Demolition work especially. We'll move the Earth for you
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Trenching Contractors

Trenching is a fundamental aspect of a majority of excavation services and building projects. Trenching and trenching services are often required in a range of fields from infrastructure, agriculture, archeology, geology and military usage.

A trench is a type of excavation or depression in the ground that is typically defined as a trench as they are deeper than they are wide and quite narrow compared to their length.

Trenching can be used from small to large scale projects in commercial projects in a variety of industries including natural gas, telecommunications, electrical and underground power and water supply and irrigation.

In the infrastructure sector, trenches are used in civil engineering in the search for pipes and other such infrastructure that is suspected to be located under a potential work site. Trenches will also be used to underground easily damaged and obstructive infrastructure or utilities such as water mains or phone lines. Also, trenches will also be used in the creation of any foundation walls.

In terms of the agriculture sector, trenches and trenching will be used for draining purposes when encountering wetlands and such or in situations where irrigation is required.

Trenchers are construction equipment that is primarily used to dig trenches in order to lay pipes, cables or drainage systems. Trenchers are classified as either a Chain Trencher or a RockWheel depending on the size and matter involved such as sand, clay or rock ground conditions.