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Team BuildScaff Pty Ltd is based in Sydney CBD, NSW and specialises in Scaffolding Hire.
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Scaffolding Hire

Scaffolding provides a temporary frame and support system for both people and materials in projects where buildings and other large structures are being constructed or repaired. In Australia, scaffolding is typically made from metal piping and is available in a variety of sizes with mini scaffolding available for hire for small scale projects, being around 3.8 metres in height.

The main elements of a scaffolding system are the standards, ledgers and transoms with the basic materials being tubes, couplers and boards.

When it comes to scaffolding it is important to adhere to the strict construction guidelines and scaffolding plan in order to maintain the highest level of safety. This means that any scaffolding work being performed above 3.7 metres must be completed by individuals with a training and competency certificate. Dangers associated with scaffold work and safety include falls, contact with power lines, scaffold collapse and falling objects.

There are several types of scaffolding available. These are the independent or birdcage scaffold, the single pole scaffold, the suspended, or swingstage, scaffold, the cantilever scaffold, and the hanging bracket scaffold.

When selecting a scaffolding type for your project it is important to consider the aspects of the building or structure such as design, shape and location and which scaffolding would best suit. This means also considering the scaffoldings ability to adapt to bends and contours of the building or project with modular scaffold also an option.

When looking into scaffolding hire there are a great number of dealers and companies in Australia that specialize in scaffolding hire and associated products.

Within the range of scaffolding products available smaller projects, such as home projects and buildings under four metres in height, there is a range of mini scaffolding available that hold up to 200kg of weight and are ideal for working within confined spaces, corridors, corners, stairways and doorways.