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Backhoe Hire

Backhoes, also known as a rear actor or back actor, are a fundamental excavating machine that uses a digging bucket on the end of a two-part articulated arm. Generally found mounted on tractors or front loaders some backhoes also have optional equipment extras that assist with increased performance and versatility.

Backhoes can be used for a variety of jobs including utility trenching, backfilling, digging footings and basements, drainage ditches, slopes and embankments in construction, landscaping and industrial settings. Backhoes can also be used for demolishing concrete when paired with construction hammers, digging holes to lay down pipes, cables, wires, and other similar underground installations. What's more, due to the backhoes ability to lift and transport large objects, it can quite often be used as a crane as well as digger.

Backhoes are extremely popular for all sorts of excavation project due to its versatility, strength and compact build. Backhoes are hydraulic which enables them to move a great deal of matter and push the loader into the ground in order to lift dirt and transfer it. This paired with their compact size means that they can be moved easily from different sites without any additional specialized transport equipment.

Backhoes can be either hired or purchased for excavation projects from a great number of different equipment providers. Of course, if you considering buying a second-hand backhoe then you will have to ensure that you inspect it thoroughly to determine that there are no mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical problems.