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Excavation Associations

Excavation associations in Australia are often represented by associations that cater to several industries that overlap within major construction and mining industries. These associations all intend to make working for employers in these areas as safe, efficient and as profitable as possible while maintaining high client and community satisfaction.

Associations, generally speaking, act as mediators and liaison officers for the industries they represent and the excavation industry is no different with its associations, who perform a multi-layered purpose in that represents the views of members to government, increased productivity and enhanced skills through education and training, promote improvement to those laws, regulations and subordinate legislation and promote the industry to the larger community and its role in the national economy.

Some of the biggest associations in the excavation and construction industries in Australia include:

The Australian Constructors Association (ACA)

The Australian Constructors Association is one of the largest associations representing the excavation industry as it acts as a representative for many large industries on an international basis. Like all associations, the ACA was created as an industry standards representative and contributor to the industry's development. The ACA addresses several major issues facing the industry ranging from Intellectual Property to Tendering Practices to Environmental and Community Standards.

Acting as an international association, the ACA extends into many countries including China, India, Philippines, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom among others. As a result of this wide distribution, the ACA has over 49,000 people working for them both in Australia and overseas and its member companies report combined annual revenue in excess of $A15 billion.

Mineral Drilling Association of Australia (MDAA)

The MDAA is an association that represents the mineral drilling industry and acts as an administrator of various member benefits and services by acting as a liaison for the industry and its members with clients, government agencies, learning institutions and indigenous peoples, establishing training programmes and industry standard.

The Mineral Drilling Association of Australia acts as a mediator and developer of competency standards for the mineral drilling industry. Incorporated in 2001, the MDAA represents the Australian Drilling Industry operating within the Mineral Sector and its businesses to create industry standards for of Safety, Training and Professionalism.

The MDAA performs various services including:

  • competency standards
  • runs seminars and conferences
  • bi-monthly newsletter
  • produces operational guides and forms for industry
  • support for its members

The Construction and Mining Equipment Industry Group (CMEIG)

The Construction and Mining Equipment Industry Group was formed in 2003 and directly represents employers of more than 10,000 Australians and an industry that earns over $10 billion in annual sales. The CMEIG is a non-profit organization that acts as representation for the massive construction and mining equipment industry with the most of the world's largest manufacturer in this industry holding membership.

The CMEIG acts as representation of several associations working within the excavation and construction industries by creating regional and national regulations and standards committees, management of industry statistics and field days and operates working groups that address issues facing the industry.

Members of the CMEIG range from those working in wholesale to manufacturers to distributors and dealers.

Other associations that relate to the excavation industry

  • Australian Institute of Building - various state and territories
  • Australian Pipeline Industry Association
  • Construction Industry Institute
  • Electrical and Communications Association
  • Housing Industry Association
  • The Royal Australian Institute of Architects
  • Urban Development Institute of Australia
  • Territory Construction Association